Supervision of fire protection works

IDF provides works supervision staff in charge of technical, accounting and administrative control aiming at the execution of fire protection works in a workmanlike manner and according to the project and contract, a prerequisite for proper functioning in case of real emergencies.

From the preliminary analysis of the project, to the acceptance of materials and the checks listed in compliance with international norms and standards, IDF guarantees continuous support on site drafting a timely accounting and immediate responses to requests or reservations of the company.
Attention to work realization similarities, both from a technical and quality point of view, the drafting of work integration projects, the expertise, the customer service in the testing phase of passive and active protection systems are all activities that are part of the technical background of the IDF staff.
Our engineers provide specialist support to major construction companies via accurate controls and immediate solutions to construction problems.

Tests in situ on construction elements and fire safety products

IDF Staff has trained engineers able to make the necessary tests on site to verify compliance of materials and structures to the fire protection design requirements.