IDF - Ingegneria del Fuoco S.r.l.

IDF - Ingegneria Del Fuoco S.r.l. is a specialist consultancy established in 2006 that provides Fire Engineering services, boasting an extensive experience in Europe and worldwide. With over 40 highly skilled engineers, we operate across a broad spectrum of construction industry sectors, providing tailored solutions for developers, designers and builders in the private and public domain.
Along with fire strategy and structural fire design, we deliver engineered solutions using mathematical model-based calculation software. Fire modelling with computational fluid dynamics and analysis of social physics, aimed to study emergency evacuation of people by the means of specific software, area and evacuation modelling.
We strive to deliver solutions in areas of project and construction management, provide specialist support in fire engineering design to businesses, public administration, engineering and architectural consultancies, as well as manufacturers of passive and active fire protection systems.
Since 2016, IDF - Ingegneria del Fuoco S.r.l. has started an internationalization process, establishing its presence in major European markets: Great Britain, France and Switzerland.

IDF - Ingegneria del Fuoco S.r.l.
Andrea Luppi
Founding Partner - Director
IDF - Ingegneria del Fuoco S.r.l.
Filomena Guerra
Partner - TD Structural Fire Design
IDF - Ingegneria del Fuoco S.r.l.
Cinzia Imperatore
Partner - TD Performance-Based Design
IDF - Ingegneria del Fuoco S.r.l.
Franco Laurenti